Two can play that game: Destra Garcia says “horn fi horn”

If a man cheats on Queen of Bacchanal queen Destra Garcia, she’s cheating too.

Destra Garcia

The entertainer shared this in a recent chat about monogamy on the Bajan ‘Between The Lines’ show.

Taste of own medicine

The Trinidad native used the term “horn” for what Jamaicans call “bun”.

“If you horn mi, I gonna horn you back, no two ways about it at all,” she said. “I’m gonna do it much better.”

Miss Lucy added: “You know how some women are like, ‘oh if he cheat on me I’m gonna break his windows’…and then there’s some people that cry about it? I say two things to horning. I think it’s either you do it first and have it as a backup so that when it happens, okay you did it before, or you wait til it happens, see what kinda girl it was cause you know they aren’t gonna measure up to you cause it never really ever is.”

The conversation strayed before she finished, but it seemed to be heading in the direction of giving the man a taste of his own medicine depending on the woman he messed around with.

Destra believes infidelity exists because, “there’s a lot of beautiful men and women out there and the eyes and stuff stray sometimes and you see something that you may want… but you have to make a mental choice that I can look, I can window shop, but I can’t have it, especially when you’re married. I think if you’re single or dating the rules can probably be different.”

Prefers monogamy

The singer is married to her longtime manager and said she prefers monogamy.

“I’m good with that for obvious reasons, diseases and that sort of thing,” she said. “Traditionally that’s what I was taught to be, that was proper, so in my mind, if you do anything but, you a h*e.”

She, however, hesitated when asked if she’d ever do a threesome.

“The opportunity has never presented itself so I don’t know. In this monogamous relationship, if my other half says this is something that we decide to do, maybe.”

The singer celebrated her birthday on Tuesday with the release of the song Lie, Lie, Lie featuring Rome.