Tyga out to give Onlyfans a run for its money, literally

Rapper Tyga has deleted his OnlyFans account and is creating his own platform

Onlyfans’ now-reversed decision to ban sexually explicit content has created a ripple effect throughout the sex work industry. Tyga, who is one of the website’s top earners, has closed his Onlyfans account in favour of venturing into creating his own platform for sex workers.

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According to a press release shared by Tyga’s team, the rapper will be launching Myystar, a platform that offers sex workers “the creative freedom they deserve”. The website will be launched in October.

Myystar will take a commission of 10% from creator’s earnings compared to the steeper 20% charged by Onlyfans.

This platform will supposedly allow sex workers to sell NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the Euthereum blockchain as well as features to the music industry.

Tyga has reportedly partnered with Ryder Ripps of OKFOCUS to lead the design of the platform. A conceptual artist, Ripps is most recently known for collaborating with Kanye West on his latest project, Donda. He is also behind the branding of VFILES, and 88RISING, and has worked with Travis Scott at Cactus Jack.

Tyga is also collaborating with one of the internet’s most pioneering artists, Rafael Rozendaal, whose artwork will be featured on the platform.