Tyler Perry leaves US$21k tip for restaurant workers

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry left a $21,000 tip for out-of-work restaurant workers at his favourite branch of Houston.

The 50-year-old actor-and-director is a big fan of the Houston’s chain and has made regular trips to one in Atlanta to pick up food. On his visit on Sunday (March 5), he generously handed over the sum, so the 42 servers, who are no longer working due to the coronavirus pandemic, could receive $500 each, TMZ reports.

This isn’t the first time the Alex Cross star has helped people in need.

Last September, Tyler offered his personal seaplane, which is based in Nassau, to fly relief supplies to the Abaco Islands, which were hit hard by Hurricane Dorian. The filmmaker’s craft made multiple trips to provide residents on the islands with water, juice, sleeping bags, diapers and various hygiene products, and also brought back a number of passengers, including small children, a pregnant woman and others who needed medical attention.

And a few months ago he agreed to pay the $14,000 medical bill and travel costs for a couple stranded in Mexico after Stephen Johnson fell ill with pancreatitis and diabetes while onboard a Carnival Dream cruise ship with fiancee Tori Austin.