Umm, can we talk about that bite, KC?

I-??‍♂️Where do I even begin with this? ??‍♂️

Come outside, KC, I just wanna talk… I promise.

Unno lick unno head? What in the Luis Suarez was that? Okay, I promise, I won’t shout anymore.


Is. Everything. Okay. At. North. Street???

As if I had any doubt in the greatest school ever (and my alma mater); Jamaica College (JC) returns to the final of ISSA/Digicel Manning Cup, after a gutsy, glorious semi-final at the National Stadium.

Licking our wounds after dropping out of the Champions Cup at the semi-final stage, JC steeled their resolve to bite back (too soon?) at our eternal rivals.

Now, normally I don’t condone violence in any way, but if you bite me, I’m swingin’ back!

Do you hear that, KC?

The Fervet Train chugs leaving you behind, after a one-year hiatus, we’re back in the finals.

Floreat collegium, fervet opus in campis

But seriously, help me to understand this clip, KC. What was going through the #3 player Khalifah Richards’ mind as he placed his teeth on JC’s focused #18 Shadane Lopez?

And tell the truth, could you have expected the midfielder’s reaction to be any different?

Football is a contact sport, yes, but I don’t think THIS was what they meant.

This player’s world is about to be rocked as JC footballer M. Lopez reacts to being bitten during last night’s semi-final match against perennial rivals KC at the National Stadium

Mike Tyson would be proud though, I’m sure of it.

Best of luck in the Champions Cup, Kingston College. I’ll be rooting for Clarendon College to chip away at that misplaced pride.

You broke your 32-year drought, and for that Old Hope Road congratulates you.

In fact, let last night’s defeat remind you of the true home of the Manning Cup. Where the college was so great, they decided to name the country after it.

Jamaica. College.