‘Unnoo lowe me mek mi prospa’: D’Angel sends message on Instagram

It seems dancehall artiste D’Angel will continue to ignore the critics, including her former partner Beenie Man, as she walks along her OnlyFans path.

Dancehall artiste D’Angel joined OnlyFans in June.

On Monday, an interview Beenie Man did on the Teach Dem YouTube channel recently started making the rounds online. The deejay openly criticised D’Angel for joining the adult-oriented platform, claiming that she should have considered their teen son, Marco-Dean, before going that route.

While she hasn’t mentioned Beenie Man’s name, D’Angel shared her song, Ah Mine, on Monday evening. Using a few words from the song, she urged people to leave her alone.

“Unnoo lowe me mek mi prospa! Wah some a unnoo a watch fah? My sexiness a weh dem afta! #AhMine,” she said on Instagram.

In her Instagram Story, D’Angel also shared videos of her vibing to the song while it was being played on the radio. She later shared the YouTube link for the song, as well as the link to her OnlyFans page.