‘Unuh go look wuk’: Teejay shares message for the haters

Dancehall artiste Teejay has some strong words for the ‘yamheads’, who have made people’s business their own.


The From Rags To Riches artiste is usually joking around or entertaining with his interesting dance moves. But on Thursday morning, things were a bit different, as he turned his attention to the overly inquisitive people in society.

“Good morning, world. I am Teejay, and I am here to give you guys some motivational speech,” he said in the Instagram post before changing his tone and accent.

“Hey bwoy, some a unuh b***bo**le bwoy and gyal need fi go look wuk enuh. Unuh get up everyday pon man name and unuh nuh own nutten inna life,” he said.

“Some a unuh gyal shape like St Lucia economy. Some a unuh bwoy, a nuh woman alone a yamhead, unuh a bigger yamhead enuh cause unuh get up everyday a brag and boast and toast and host and where will we go when corona done and unuh nuh own no bed. Unuh nah tek care a unuh madda and unuh pickney.”

For 2021, the Big Drip artiste simply wants those individuals to do something constructive with their lives.

“Unuh go look wuk and come off a people bl**dc***t name. As mawning light unuh gone pon roadside a drink beer and smoke weed. Find supm do wid unuh life fi 2021,” Teejay said.

The post has been viewed more than 80,000, and there were in excess of 2,400 comments with people agreeing with the entertainer. The video has also been shared on various social media pages.