US cable company offering $1,300 to watch 13 Stephen King movies

Pennywise the dancing clown, nightmare fuel from the dark mind of Stephen King, returns in IT: Chapter 2, now in theatres (Photo: Warner Brothers Pictures)

American television provider DISH is offering US$1,300 to one die-hard Stephen King fan. The rules are simple, the lucky fan must watch 13 movies to claim his (or her) prize.

According to DISH’s website, the challenge was launched as two adaptations of the master horror storyteller will be hitting theatres this fall: IT: Chapter 2 and Doctor Sleep.

DISH lays the gauntlet out for one lucky fan for a horror binge of Stephen King movies (Photo:

“With IT: Chapter 2 and Doctor Sleep hitting [theatres] soon, we want to pay you $1,300 to witness 13 horror classics in preparation for Pennywise and Danny Torrance,” DISH explained.

“Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s fitting you get cosy with Carrie or play fetch with Cujo. Maybe take Christine for a spin and see where it takes you. In the process, tell us how everything’s going. How’s your heart rate during the scary scenes? Which movie’s your [favourite] or least [favourite]? Are you watching these flicks alone, or bringing a friend along so you can have night terrors together? You tell us, we pay you $1,300. Simple! Scary, but simple!” DISH added.

The competition is, sadly, only eligible for US citizens or permanent residents.

Rules and movies to watch, if you dare…

Danny Torrance is all grown up but still haunted by the Overlook Hotel and new threats in Doctor Sleep, the upcoming sequel to The Shining, this October (Photo: Warner Brothers Pictures)

Interested fans are required to fill out an application form telling DISH why you’re the perfect victim and what you hope to gain from this experience (aside from the $1,300, of course)!

The (un)lucky 13 films the candidate will be watching includes horror cult classics: Carrie (original or 2013 remake); Children of the Corn; Christine; Creepshow; Cujo; Dreamcatcher; IT (original or 2017 remake); The Mist; Pet Semetary (original or 2019 remake); Salem’s Lot; The Shining; Thinner; and Misery.

“We also want to know everything about your experience. You will track your heart rate and jump scares. You’ll let us know who joined in on the scares with you. You’ll let us know what you thought before watching certain movies, and if your feelings changed after you completed them. You’ll even log your sleep—if you can sleep. We want to know all this and more!” DISH noted.

What you get

The company further promises to provide:

  • a worksheet to help guide you along the way
  • access to all 13 films
  • a Fitbit device to monitor your heart rate
  • a survival kit with a flashlight, blanket, popcorn, candy, and some Stephen King paraphernalia
  • and finally, DISH will also gift the participant with a movie theatre gift card to add a 14th movie to your list, either IT: Chapter 2 or Doctor Sleep.

Fit all the criteria and wanna sign yourself up for a thrilling binge? Then, sign up here.

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