Usain Bolt is gifted, says Yohan Blake

Jamaican athlete Yohan Blake is showering retired sprint star Usain Bolt with praises. He says the former sportsman is very gifted.

Yohan Blake (left) and Usain Bolt share a laugh after competing at the London Olympics in 2012.

“I trained with one of the fastest man in the universe, which is Usain Bolt. He is so gifted,” Blake said during an Instagram Live interview on The Zipcode on Wednesday.

“He works hard, but he don’t have to work hard to run fast. When I am training with Usain, we are toe to toe, side by side. We are very competitive in training.”

“When Usain Bolt is sleeping, I am up at 2 (a.m.) working.”

— Yohan Blake

In the very candid interview, Blake revealed that Bolt wasn’t training to break the 100m world record when he did in 2009, bringing the time down to 9.58 seconds.

“He’s very talented. Listen, Usain wasn’t training for the 100m world record when he broke it. But for me, I am talented, but I have to work twice as hard to stay with Usain Bolt,” Blake said.

Jamaican athlete Yohan Blake

Working twice as hard, he said, means asking for the gym to be left open so that he could train late at nights.

“When Usain Bolt is sleeping, I am up at 2 (a.m.) working,” Yohan said. “How am I going to stay with Usain Bolt? Those big strides… What am I going to do to conquer that stride?”

Although Bolt is no longer a competitor, Blake still has to endure rigorous training sessions. The athlete, who is the second fastest man in the world, is now gearing up for the Tokyo Olympics next year.