Usain Bolt makes Super Bowl ad appearance

Jamaican superstar Usain Bolt made his Super Bowl debut over the weekend when he was featured in an advertisement for Michelob Ultra beer.

While the advertisement was mostly centred around talk show host and comedian Jimmy Fallon and actor/ wrestler John Cena, Bolt made a cameo giving it some star quality.

The advertisement sees Jimmy Fallon and Cena working out where Fallon is rewarded with a beer at the end. One of Fallon’s exercises was running which was when Bolt made his appearance following which he and Jimmy did his legendary ‘to the world’ pose.

Jimmy Fallon and Cena

Bolt later took to Twitter where he wrote: “did you spot the country youth in @Michelobultra #Superbowlad.

He was paying homage to his humble upbringings and his subsequent rise to superstardom to where he is now featured in a Superbowl advertisement.