Usain Bolt says he tries to stay away from social media

Despite having almost 15 million followers across his Instagram and Twitter accounts, sprint legend Usain Bolt says he tries to stay away from social media platforms as much as possible. 

He made the disclosure while speaking with CNN at Expo 2020 in Dubai last week, where the Eight-time Olympic gold medalist took part in a charity race for athletes with special needs.

Bolt shared that his decision to limit the time he spends on the platforms was because of the criticisms he’d received early on in his career. 

“I was doing well but the transition to professional, it kind of broke up because I started getting injured … then online and people would see you and say, ‘Oh, you’re not going to make it anymore. You’re done. That’s it, ” he said.

“I just stay away from social media. I stay away from all the articles. You’ll hear stuff here and there, but I try to stay away as much as possible,” he added. 

Bolt admitted that avoiding social media platforms is tough, given his desire to highlight his country.

“It was rough for me because I lived to put my country on the map,” he said. 

Residents of the UAE got a chance to run with the track and field legend on Saturday (November 13).

The 1.45 kilometre race was a partnership between Bolt, Gatorade, and the Sports, Fitness and Wellbeing Hub at Expo 2020.

The charity run raised funds for Al Noor Rehabilitation and Welfare Association for People of Determination.