Usain Bolt sports US$6,000 watch while reading kids’ book in quarantine

Usain Bolt may be battling coronavirus (or is he) but that hasn’t stopped the Olympian from showcasing blessing us with a casual drip.

Bolt shared this photo of himself wearing his new Hublot Big Bang E earlier today.

Well, that’s if you’re fortunate enough to be able to consider a Hublot watch, which comes in at a little under US$6,000, “casual”.

The sprint double world record holder, who’s had a longstanding partnership with Hublot, showed off the brand’s Big Bang E black ceramic timepiece on Twitter today (September 9). Described as “a fusion between tradition and innovation, cutting edge materials and the latest digital technology”, the watch retails for a cool US$5,800, if our readers are interested in copping their own.

A closer look at Hublot’s sleek Big Bang E.

In the photos, Bolt is seen reading Why a Daughter Needs a Da, a picture book by New York Times bestselling author Gregory E Lang which we  gather is for daughter, Olympia, though she was nowhere in sight. The book sells for just under US$10 on Amazon so…there’s something for every budget.

Bolt tested positive for the coronavirus days after his surprise birthday party two weeks ago but there’s been no news yet if the world’s fastest man has recovered.