Usain Bolt tells fans to listen keenly to hear his verse on new song

Since Usain Bolt released his song Living the Dream with best friend and manager, NJ, fans have been a bit confused. Is Bolt even on the track, or is his name just being used to promote the song?

Well, Bolt caught wind of those whispers and decided to clear things up.

Apparently, he is on the song, but because he’s the fastest man in the world, his verse flew by very fast.

“Ok my Ppl I understand my verse flew by so fast. 💫I wonder if it’s because I’m the fastest man alive. Ok for the next song I’m going to try slow down my verse so u”ll can hear,” he joked on his Instagram.

Bolt has been facetiously named ‘Jamaica’s DJ Khalid’ by some of his fans. Appearing in the video and having his name on a song, but not doing any singing.

Either way, the song has garnered over 75,000 views on YouTube and is currently number 19 on trending.