Usain Bolt to donate supplies to 21 schools

Track and field legend Usain Bolt, through his foundation, is set to donate school supplies to 21 early childhood institutions.

Usain Bolt

The sprint king indicated that educational equipment will be donated to schools, especially in the rural areas, and the move comes as part of a partnership with the Early Childhood Commission. 

“I’ve joined with Early Childhood Commission to identify 21 schools in the rural areas to give printers and other necessities for learning,” he said in an Instagram video on Friday.

Through the Usain Bolt Foundation, the retired sprinter has been making donations to early childhood institutions for a number of years.

He noted that they recognised that some children are facing challenging times especially those living in rural areas.

“I know it’s a trying time especially for kids in the rural areas, so we are trying our best to help out in any possible way,” he explained.