Usain Bolt says he won’t push daughter to become an athlete

Olympia Lightning Bolt

These days sprint legend Usain Bolt is enjoying his retirement and basking in his new role as a dad. The eight-time Olympic gold medallist welcomed his first child with his long time girlfriend, Kasi Bennett in May.

Named Olympia Lightning Bolt, many think that the daughter of the world’s fastest man will also pursue a career in track and field, but that doesn’t include Bolt himself. He has already resolved to not push his daughter into anything she doesn’t want to because it’s “not for everybody”.

“It’s going to be harder for her now (if she became an athlete) because everyone’s going to be comparing her to me- but if she wants to do it, I’ll support her,” he told The Star Malaysia.

Bolt, who dominated the track for a decade beginning in 2008, is one of the seven athletes featured in Greatness Code, a short-form unscripted series directed by Gotham Chopra.

Usain Bolt

Bolt explained he always wanted to be one of the greats in track, and worked hard for it. He also added his special touch of entertaining the spectators too.

“I wanted to perform. I wanted people to see me because I felt if you paid to come to see me, or if you were watching on television, you should enjoy the performance,” he said.