Use me as an example: Foota Hype encourages Konshens to stay strong after split from his wife

Jamaican selector Foota Hype

Dancehall artiste Konshens’ emotional post on his Instagram page on Wednesday where he made public his split with his wife, has triggered reactions from people in the music industry, among them was Foota Hype. 

“Mi reach out to him because hear wah gwaan.”

— Foota Hype

Putting aside their past differences, Foota Hype, in a live recording on his Instagram account on Thursday, told his audience that he was moved by the post and had to reach out to Konshens.

“Mi see the post, and mi go pan Instagram and mi send him two voice note. Mi reach out to him because hear wah gwaan… At the end of the day, weh nuh cost life nuh cost nothing, and the little disagreement dem weh mi and him have a just mainly ego wudda mek him vex,” he said. 

Konshens and his wife, Latoya, on their wedding days two years ago.

Foota said that he understands the pressure people who are in the limelight face.

“When mi read the thing mi realise seh probably we a expect too much from him chuu him a artiste. It look like him a go through some real emotional and mental issues weh wi nuh have the slightest idea about,” he said.

He encouraged Konshens to take a page from his book and continue being strong.

“Use mi as a example. Mi lose family members, mi lose woman, mi lose money, mi lose people weh mi wudda dead for as friends, and mi still deh ya a hol’ out and a survive.