Usher and Chris Brown might face off in the next Verzuz battle

Chris Brown (left) might be going up against Usher (right) on the next Verzuz battle (Photo: BET.Com)

BUZZ Fam, would you be down for a Chris Brown versus Usher on the next Verzuz battle? Well, it just might happen!

In a recent Instagram Live with Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beatz discussed the possibility of a Verzuz battle between Usher and Chris Brown.

“I see Usher versus Chris Brown. I see a lot of Usher versus Timberlake but for the culture..,” Swizz shared with Busta, although he stopped short of sharing which matchup he was leaning more towards.

“Listen, Usher and Chris Brown got to be it man. That’s it,” Busta said. “You asking my opinion. I’m giving it to you, big bro. I don’t want to see no Usher and Justin Timberlake. I want to see Usher and Chris Brown.”

After Ludacris and Nelly’s match on Saturday night (May 17), Swizz was running some of his ideas by Busta for their next potential event.

Would you be tuning in BUZZ Fam?