Using tech to remain safe this Christmas

The holiday season brings cheer, togetherness and a general feeling of warmth. However, as Christmas approaches, we must take precautions in staying safe and protecting our property.

With this in mind, here’s how you can use tech to enhance your safety.

Govee Motion Sensor Alarm. (Photo: Amazon)

Motion Sensors

A motion-sensing system is an excellent way to create a virtual security bubble around your home. These devices detect objects in certain areas and give some indication of movement. They offer sensitivity modes, so you’re not warned when a harmless butterfly passes by.

Some motion sensors can provide audible warnings while others indicate by turning on bright lights when motion is detected. A motion sensor can also be incorporated with some of the other items in this list for a comprehensive security system.

Security Cameras

EZVIZ outdoor security camera. (Photo: Amazon)

One of the most apparent security additions you can make is putting up security cameras. And they don’t have to be unsightly or complicated installations requiring teams of sweaty people. Sure, a professional system is sound as it may come with other perks.

However, there are other, less sophisticated methods to get security surveillance. Many brands offer easy, DIY installations where you can set-up and monitor your security network. Brands like EZVIZ and Ring have packages that include one or more security cameras.

Video Doorbells

If you don’t want cameras adorning your house, smart video doorbells offer another, less obvious way to survey your property. They record short videos with motion. Amazon’s Ring and Google’s Nest doorbells are popular choices. These devices sit outside your home and have wireless or wired connections into your dwelling.

Google Nest Hello. (Photo: Google Store)

Many of these doorbells have motion sensors, and some even have microphones and speakers so you can interact with whoever is at your door. Another great feature is the ability to monitor your home from wherever you are in the world via the internet.

Better WiFi

To keep your smart security devices connected, you may need to either upgrade your internet speed or get a better router. If you have a slow internet connection, a single, wireless security camera may eat up all your bandwidth or not work well, which defeats the purpose.

NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router (R6700). (Photo: Amazon)

Also, if you have a large home or business, a mesh WiFi solution may be better suited for your space. These devices help eliminate WiFi dead zones. Upgrading your systems will ensure your connected security devices run smoothly.

Share your location

One way to get peace of mind, or reduce the chance of losing your family in a crowd is to share your location. By sharing your location with a friend or loved one, they can keep track of where you are in real-time. This is especially useful when going out with small, curious children who may wander off in a crowd.

Also, when a loved one travels, it’s nice to know where they are just in case of an emergency. iPhone 6s and newer iPhones can use the Find My feature while older devices can use the Find My Friends app. Android users can utilise Google Maps app to share their location with others. It’s essential to know these are fun and useful features, not spy tools.

These gadgets and methods may help give peace of mind or deter would-be criminals this holiday season so you can spend your time with those who matter.