‘Vagina music’ sells, says dancehall producer Delomar

From patting to grabbing it and everything in between, it’s all a part of a formula that can really help female acts solidify their brand in the dancehall music industry.

Dancehall producer Delomar says female acts in the industry continue to make explicit songs because they help them get noticed faster.

Have you figured out what ‘it’ is?

Despite moralists continuously chiding dancehall acts over increasingly sexualised content, dancehall producer Delomar says that singing about sex is a part of the formula to striking it big.

Delomar told BUZZ that while it is true that most female acts focus heavily on singing about their sexual organs, it has nothing to do with their lack of content, noting that it just made financial sense.

“They have [good]content but nobody wants to listen to that,” Delomar said.

“You have women right now on social media that have to show them vagina on the platform to gain a whole heap of attention.”

– Delomar

“That is why them turn to them vagina. Because if all males think about when them see woman is them vagina; and when they start to show that ‘I am a lady and, I am classy and I am this and, I am that’ – man turn weh them head. Them nuh want to hear that,” added Delomar explaining his position.

According to Delomar, one-half of the dancegall act RDX, based on the catalogue of artistes who make it big, females should sing about their vaginas more.
“Them fi sing more about them vagina,” said Delomar.

He pointed out the success of dancehall act Spice, who is the top female artiste in the business right now, he said.

Delomar said Spice is a “perfect example” of a female act that has used explicit music to get to the top of the business.

“If females in the industry sing bout them vagina and it work, perfect example, Spice sing bout her vagina and it work, she rich right now because of her vagina,” Delomar said

“If it works then go along with it, whatever works,” he added Delomar.

When asked if he would support his daughter, if she decided to voice such heavily sexual content, the producer, who is a father of three, said he would not have a problem as long as she was over the age of consent.

Delomar further explained that it is increasingly more difficult to gain people’s attention and as such artistes have to go to extremes.

“You have women right now on social media that have to show them vagina on the platform to gain a whole heap of attention – if them never did a do that, nuh body nah see them,” he said, adding that he’s mindful not to judge people because it is a hard industry.

He said it’s not just about the producers, but also the consumers of music, and that often only artistes get the blame because people do not take a more holistic approach to understanding the industry.

Delomar recently transitioned from being an artiste to producing music, noting that he was taking a break from RDX.

Dancehall producer Delomar with the acts featured on his ‘Pink’ riddim.

The producer’s latest all female project, the pink riddim, has been creating a buzz on the music scene.

Eleven female acts are featured on the riddim including Lisa Hyper, Pamputtae, D’Angel, Goody Plum, Macka, Diamond, Tall Up, Raine Seville, Sasique, Pretty Devil, Kim Weirdo and Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’.