Vaz and Neita-Robertson get into verbal spar on Twitter

Never one to shy away from a fight, virtual or otherwise, the political ‘beef’ between Daryl Vaz and Valerie Neita-Robertson may have just heated up, BUZZ fam!

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Member of Parliament Daryl Vaz is known for his ruthless and quip reflexes on Twitter, but could he have found himself a worthy adversary in Valerie Neita-Robertson?

It would seem that the escalating war on words was weeks in the making as Neita-Robinson, who tickets for the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP), lobbed her first wave of verbal grenades as she surmised the ‘true’ reason why Vaz’ US visa was revoked.

“I wonder if is BADMIND the US Embassy BADMIND when dem tek weh people visa,” she replied under a Facebook post on Saturday, July 4.

Vaz, aware of the reference, responded two days later, with a screenshot of Neita-Robertson’s reply and tweeted, “If Counsel spent as much time on her Appeals as she spent on Social Media… She would be sure on ONE win this year… #AmOut”

The two returned fire within hours, as Neita-Robertson revelled in striking a ‘vain’ and Vaz, correcting her grammatical error, hilariously jibed that all her hard work may be in ‘vein’.

The Jamaican Twitter timeline was in shambles for days, however, the Queen’s Counsel attorney remained silent, until recently.

Things took a scathing turn for the worst on Sunday (July 12), went Neita-Robertson returned with a vengeance, Twitter fingers armed and at the ready to retaliate.

The seasoned lawyer, delivering her response to her track record in court, subtly jabbed at someone, but without giving a name, she had most people suddenly using their inside voices.

Will we see a continuation of this budding Twitter spar, BUZZ fam?

Based on the year being 2020, and the fact that both are eyeing the constituency of West Portland, can we tick that off as ‘definitely’?