‘Verzuz’ battle to feature Jamaicans

Quarantine has been more than bearable thanks to the periodic ‘Verzuz’ battles live-streamed on Instagram. What started out as a dimly lit Swizz Beatz in his car, and a liquor-indulging Timbaland in his studio sharing a spontaneous game of tune-for-tune, has morphed into a highly-anticipated battles between music giants.

Producer Swizz Beatz said a Jamaica Verzuz battle will be coming soon.

With rappers Nelly and Ludacris set to bring their best hits to the table in an upcoming battle tomorrow, Swizz Beatz said a Jamaican version of ‘Verzuz’ is underway.

“Yow, we coming to Jamaica soon still with ‘Verzuz’ so be ready,” the producer said last night during an Instagram live with Protoje and Lila Iké.

“Bro we ready, we ready man,” Protoje responded.

The first all-female battle between Erykah Badu (pictured) and Jill Scott had more than a billion online impressions.

While one user in the comments (Protoje’s creative director) suggested a battle between his boss and Chronixx, Protoje seemed pleasantly surprised at Beatz’s announcement.

“The whole a Jamaica lock een to ‘Verzuz’… Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, some different things and vibes,” Protoje said.

The last battle unfolded on Saturday night between the first two female participants, Scott and Badu, who set a new record for the series of more than one billion impressions across the Internet. Celebrities like Michelle Obama, Adele and Rihanna were among the virtual audience. Before that, RnB musicians Babyface and Teddy Riley ‘broke’ Instagram during their battle, causing the platform to issue a statement about the unexpected technical issues.

The closest thing to a Jamaican presence experienced on ‘Verzuz’ was Lil Jon battling T-Pain, where the former played his remix of Capleton’s ‘Tour’.

Since the Verzuz platform uses both producers and artistes, it is difficult to decipher who will be featured in the Jamaican battle. It could be Shaggy versus Sean Paul, Di Genius versus Don Corleone, Sly and Robbie versus Clevie (for Steely and himself), even two Marley brothers – the possibilities are endless.

Local producers Notnice and DJ Frass engaged in their own musical battle last month but fans deemed the attempt a complete fail and a poor match-up.

With the continued improvement of each ‘Verzuz’ match-up, one may anticipate a moment for the books.