Voltz of Holt Foundation offering scholarships to tertiary students

Tertiary students in need of financial aid to complete their studies are now able to apply to the Voltz of Holt Foundation for their inaugural annual scholarship for creatives.

Valued at JA$100,000 the scholarship is available to students who are pursuing degrees in music and preforming arts at the Edna Manley College and the Alpha Music Institute.

Bamm Holt, grandson of the legendary John Holt in whose honour the foundation and scholarship were created said, “my grandfather understood the transformative power of the arts to liberate young men and women, especially in the inner city”.

“We want to honour his music and contribution to Jamaica’s culture by empowering other young men and women to professionally hone their talent and forge their path into music and the performing arts,” Holt added/

Interested applicants are invited to email voltzofholtfound@gmail.com for a copy of the application form.

Applications are now open and close on Thursday August 5, 2021.