‘Wake up, Jamaica!’ Buju Banton says truth about COVID-19 being withheld

Reggae artiste, Buju Banton

Grammy-winning reggae artiste, Buju Banton doesn’t share the same narrative about the coronavirus as the rest of the world.

In his first public statement on the coronavirus pandemic since its outbreak, Banton told his one million Instagram followers in a one minute 21 seconds video, to ‘wake up’, and implied that the virus is merely a moneymaking tactic by ‘multinationals’

“Uno careful eno, uno fi wake up. If a guy a get $15,000 fi seh uno have COVID virus, and $39,000 fi put uno pan incubator, who a mek di money?” Banton asked, while shaking his left leg, and crossing his arms periodically. The insects chirping and a ringing phone can be heard in the background as he continued.

“We haffi be careful eno Jamaica, because mi hear some talk a mek by some people weh supposed to have our best interest at heart, and the national interest at heart and to me, it sound like wi have some traitors among us,” he said.

To support his point, Banton pointed to the case of Tanzania where President John Magufuli cast doubt on the country’s coronavirus testing process. It is alleged that he submitted secret samples from invalid subjects, including a goat and a papaya (yes, the fruit), that came back as “positive” for the virus.

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After the results came back, the president suspended the head of testing at Tanzania’s national health laboratory.

“Yuh nuh see wah the Tanzania president do, him mek sure seh him check him health system and see what side they’re on. If they’re on the side of the government or on the side of the multinational,” Banton said.

The Untold Stories artiste then inferred that there was information being withheld from citizens. “Yuh see true uno suh passive and uno been drinking him Kool-Aid fi so long, uno don’t even know,” he said.

More four million people have been infected with the virus worldwide, and almost 300,000 have died.