Walk Like A Champion: Buju Banton scores Vibe cover

Buju Banton is having a moment, still!

Buju Banton covers the cover of Vibe’s July 2020 issue.

Two and a half years after his release from prison on drug charges, the reggae legend continues to dominate not only music, but all conversations.

Following his acclaimed Long Walk To Freedom concert, and ensuing tour; a feature from John Legend on his single Memories and the release of his much-anticipated album Upside Down 2020 last week; Banton is following up all those achievements with a cover from the celebrated Vibe magazine.

“Because true reggae music lovers know what reggae music is.”

– Buju Banton

The Duppy Conqueror singer looks dapper on the July 2020 cover of the magazine where he discusses his 20-track album.

“The music has so much to say. I’m just a messenger trying to make sure that the message gets across. We wanna make music that stimulates, educates, and eradicates negativity from the minds of people who may come in contact with it,” Vibe quotes the artiste from an interview he did with filmmaker Reshma B following a listening of new album prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. “Put aside the stereotypical notions that they may have harbored over the years about what reggae music is. Because true reggae music lovers know what reggae music is.”

Buju Banton 20-track album was released on Friday, June 26.

Buju, born Mark Myrie, said reggae music came from people who were not well-off, those who were faced with challenges “not of a normal existence, but of a lesser existence.” As a result, the music became an avenue of expression which people gravitate to.

You can read more of Buju’s cover story here.