Wally British shares word of advice for men with small penises, LA Lewis responds with shade

Social media influencer Wally British on Friday (July 2) offered a word of advice to men who are not so well endowed.

The influencer’s advice was simple – stop sending nudes.

According to British, if you happened to be on the lower end of the penis spectrum it will hurt your chances of scoring a hook up if you attempt to entice your love interest with a picture of your phallus, making reference to the well-known bias women have towards well-endowed males.

British explained that if a man’s package is on the lower end, women are likely to make the hook-up transactional and such males better be prepared to pay for the sex.

“ A one thing with some of unno man, unno nah hear, them little C—– deh weh unno have a send round in a phone, a send round pon WhatsApp unno nuh fi do it. Them little C— nuh fi come out pon phone,” said British in a now viral video.

“When unno send out dem little C—- deh go gi gyal, no more [sex] nah talk bout again. Now unno a talk bout weh yuh ago pay, how much unno ago pay fah and which bill unno ago pay for and weh unno ago buy a dat happened dem deh time deh,” explained Wally British.

Wally British said that not so well-endowed men should wait until intimate circumstances arise before showing off their package, the moment when the social media influencer says it is too late to turn back.

“Them little C—- deh weh unno have unno have to know what unno a do… dem little C— deh dem young dem nah bear when unno send out dem C—- deh nothing nuh do unno megabytes, Digicel a refund some of unno,” she said.

The social media influencer went on to vocalize the sound of a crowing rooster as she sought to demonstrate the difference between men that are packing and those that aren’t.

While most social media users who saw the video thought it was downright hilarious in part because of the sound effects, others, well one person in particular, took issue with British’s advice.

LA Lewis seems to have been unimpressed with British’s advice, so much so that he took to the comment section to hurl insults at the social media influencer.

However, LA Lewis’ insults did not go unpunished as he was mercilessly dragged in the comments for expressing his unwanted mean-spirited sentiments.

Wally British whose given name is Susan Williams  is one of Jamaica’s top influencer, who is known for her comedic content and advice, in recent times however, she made a move into philanthropy using her platform to help those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.