Warren Weir speaks on photo with alleged cult leader, Kevin O’ Smith

Olympic Warren Weir is seeking to assure fans that he is not associated with the pastor of an alleged cult church, Kevin O Smith. Speculations about the 2012 Olympic Bronze medalist affiliation with Smith swirled after a photo of the two began circulating on social media. 

But in a tweet, Weir made it clear that he was only taking a photo with a fan. 

“Athletes are often asked for photos. It’s a courtesy most athletes and entertainers extend without knowing anything about the people we take these photos with. Please note I neither knew nor have ever associated with the “pastor” in that photo currently circulating,” he wrote. 

Smith, who assumed the title of “His Excellency” is pastor of the St James-based Pathway International Kingdom Restoration Ministries. The island is still reeling from news that two human sacrifice killings took place in his church on Sunday night. 

According to police reports, a woman’s throat was slashed, and another died by gunshot wounds. A third member of the congregation was killed after police entered the premises and were met with gunshots, which they returned. 

The police were alerted to the premises after receiving a report from an injured congregant.

Prior to the bizarre killings, Smith’s Facebook post saw him giving specific instructions to his congregation to report to church, warning them that “a flood was coming”.

“All Members of Pathways baptized under my hands only must be present at church this Day October 18, 2021. All Cell Phone Must be switch off and left at your homes. Wrap in aluminum file. You will not be able to come on the property otherwise,” he wrote on his Facebook page. 

The pastor, along with 42 members of his congregation have been arrested.