Wasteman! Dalton Harris speaks out against Spice’s baby father

Singer Dalton Harris (right) Nicholas Lall (left)

Singer Dalton Harris did not mince words when he spoke out against Spice’s baby father.

The dancehall artiste contentious relationship with her children’s father- Nicholas Lall was once again in the spotlight. This after Lall joined an Instagram Live with ‘spiritual advisor’ RT Boss, who started a smear campaign against the Black Hypocrisy artiste.

In the Instagram Live, RT Boss claimed Spice’s son did not belong to Lall and played a voice note where Spice said her baby father slept with her ex-dancer Danger, which Lall confirmed.

Spice later went on her own Instagram Live, where she expressed disgust at Lall’s actions

“Eediat Nicholas, yuh go pon di man Live a try bring mi dung til yuh end up even a bring dung your owna son,” she said.

And it looks like the whole situation is just sinking in for Harris as his tweet on it, was nothing short of scathing.

“Any man that teams up with another man to destroy and attempt to bring down the mother of his children and destroy her career and public perception of her is a BIG WASTE MAN. And has zero respect or integrity. Waste Bomboclaat man. Find a non and go take care of your children,” he tweeted.

And he wasn’t the only person who thought so.

“Love and respect is not in his heart. It is demonic and destructive. Not only hurting the mother but his own children,” someone replied.

“Not deserving of the title MAN SMH!!!,” another added.