Watch black love! Spice says she is ‘weak’ to boyfriend Justin Budd

Dancehall artiste Spice is ‘weak’ to her lover, Justin Budd, and she isn’t shy to share this with the world.

Spice and Justin Budd while on vacation recently.

The So Mi Like It artiste, who has been doing several shows in the United States, was with two of her dancers, Tahire and Cookiie Monster, and she candidly gave her views on relationships.

While Spice was singing a part of her track, Head, Tahire shouts ‘watch rasta’. Justin appears on screen and hugs Spice from behind, before planting a kiss on her cheek.

Spice continues to sing: “Mi gi di bwoy mi head… whoii the ras bad inna bead.”

She then added: “Ladies, unuh have to know how fi tek care a unuh man and do the cute things cause it’s not the big things, it’s the small things that matter… mi weak to di bwoy, mi can tek it no more. Mi nah hide and talk.”

Relationship goals

Before ending the 12-minute recording, she explained that she was tired after doing back-to-back shows.

“Mi a go upstairs go lie dung inna bed. Rasta a go rub mi right dung and massage foot. Man fi treat yuh good,” she said.

But before the ‘Ras’ entered the picture, Spice was giving quite a bit of relationship advice. She explained that she is not afraid to check up on her lover and encouraged other women to do the same.

“Unuh have to check up pon di man. You caan leggo man fi roam a road, dem gal ya will eat weh unuh man. Dem gal ya will go pon head and bruck dem neck pon unuh man,” she said.

But when her dancer, Tahire, explained that she wants to get a ‘ras’ of her own and experience a similar kind of ‘black love’, Spice said that every relationship is different.

“Yuh see di gal dem wid dem relationship and yuh a talk bout goals, a nuh so it go. Build yuh owna goals cause how a man treat me, him nah go treat yuh cause my hole probably better than yours,” she said, laughing.