Watch out! Khago says he intends to sue NotNice, DJ Frass and Seanizzle

Dancehall artiste Khago

Dancehall artiste Khago is not done. After been awarded US$800,000 in a countersuit against his former manager and producer Kemar ‘Flava’ McGregor of Streaminn Hub Inc, he’s coming for all the other producers who he believed exploited him.

In a recent interview on The Entertainment Report, Khago didn’t hold back in listing all the producers he intended to sue.

“Mi a guh sue Seanizzle, mi a guh sue Jordan, mi a guh sue DJ Frass. Mi neva meck dolla outta mi hit song dem,” he said.

He added; “Mi tell dem how long call mi wife and call and talk to mi manager, because a 10 year now mi do Naw sell out Mi fren Dem.”

‘A di biggest song fi di decade; nuh mek nobody fool yuh enuh. How yuh fi take mi song dem an mi neva yet get dolla, an a act like a your own. Is not your own, is ours,” he asserted.

Khago will receive US$300,000.00 in statutory damages for copyright infringement, US$99,568.59 in compensatory damages for tortious interference with business relationships, US$298,705.77 in punitive damages for tortious interference with business relationships and US$65, 352.00 in reasonable expenses and attorney fees from his manager.