Watch the world’s longest music video – if you have 117 days!

Move over Pharrell, Twenty One Pilots just released the longest music video of all time.

Pop band Twenty One Pilots

The pop duo released a new video for their hit single, Level of Concern, that clocks in at a jaw-dropping 4,264 hours.

That’s a crazy figure when you consider that the previous record was held by Pharrell Williams for Happy which was *only* 24-hours long.

Twenty One Pilots released Level back in April and announced that it would make a “Never-ending” video by using content that fans uploaded to a website.

The final product was a continuous live stream on YouTube. The song would play on a loop, and every time the song began again, new fan videos would appear, creating the intended “never-ending” music video.

However, the song did end but only after 117 days 16 hours 10 minutes and 25 seconds, spanning from June 21 to December 16.