‘Watch what you do’: Spice’s boo says he disapproves of her raunchy stage performances

Spice and her partner Justin Budd

She’s not only known as the ‘Queen of Dancehall’, but also the ‘Queen of Stage’. Dancehall artiste Spice’s performances are often very raunchy and on the recent episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta that proved to be a point of contention between her and her partner, Justin Budd.

The scene started off all warm and fuzzy with Spice, Budd, and her two kids in the kitchen while Spice prepares dinner. Everyone wanted something different to eat- dumplings for Nicholas (her son), rice for Budd, and mashed potatoes for her daughter. Spice seemed more than happy to oblige everyone.

But after she sends her kids to shower, things went from zero to a hundred too quick, as she and Budd started to talk about her performing again.

“I like being Grace at home, but right now I’m ready to just ditch Grace Hamilton for ‘Spice the Performer’, Spice said in her confessional.

Spice’s stage performances are often very raunchy

In the kitchen, she tells Budd; “You know I’m getting ready to go back on the road, I know we have a pandemic relationship but soon or later I’ll have to take this black wig off and go back to the blue hair girl-Spice.”

“I’m your pandemic relationship?” Budd interrupted. “But we did have a pandemic relationhip, we started out during the whole COVID, but now things is about to change and I wanna make sure that we’re also ready and prepare for that change,” Spice replied.

“Well you know, I knew the time would come sometime but I would never wanna see you grinding, dancing with nobody else. I know that your art of music is very sexually provocative, and it makes me feel a kinda way sometimes,” Budd admitted.

“What do you mean?” Spice asked.

“What I mean is, you with somebody now, you not single no more so I’m just telling you that you must watch what you do, turn that sh*t down,” he replied. That stare at each other in silence as Spice shoots daggers at him with her eyes.

“To hear this right now, it makes me feel a certain kinda way. I don’t want anything to be holding me back from that great artiste that I know that I am,” she said in her confessional.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen she tells Budd; “You can’t make me feel like I gotta watch myself on stage, I give my all to my fans so….” Before Budd responds with; “And that’s what’s important to you…”

“To be honest, he knew who I was before we got together, he already know that I’m the Queen of Dancehall, the Queen of Stage so I can’t take that away from my fans and say okay, ‘I can’t be too much Spice again, gotta cut off some of the seasoning, drop some of my flavour'”,” Spice relays in the confessional.

Inside the kitchen, the argument continued; “What’s some of the provocative things that I do?” Spice asked Budd.

“For the whining right….” he started, before Spice interrupts. “But mi haffi whine I do dancehall music….”.

“That’s f**king music to me, that’s what that is to me,” Budd cut her short by saying.

“No Justin, it’s not f**king. It’s not humping or f**king, it’s just a dance,” Spice insists.

“My fantasy wasn’t being with somebody who I gotta watch dance with some [bleep],” Budd returns.

“That’s a low blow, that’s like a low blow right there,” Spice says before walking out of the kitchen.

Well, we hope none of what she was cooking got burnt while the two acted out this very obvious script, BUZZ Fam.