Wayne Marshall and Tami Chin talk about their first time

Aaliyah said it best: if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself and try again. That’s exactly what Wayne Marshall did after his ‘first time’ with Tami Chin went south.

The happy couple, Wayne Marshall and Tami Chin.

The couple shared the tale of their love story on Chin’s YouTube vlog yesterday, and kept it real about the “emotional stress” of their first sexual encounter.

“Yuh memba seh mi did a panic and one a di time mi a seh, ‘God know this nah go finish so enuh’…” Marshall recalled. “One a di time mi seh, ‘Yow, a something weh mi seh, mi touch har wrong?’ Mi all check mi breath.”

“We did realise that we had some kind of chemistry. We were both in relationships at the time so we were both enjoying the friendship part of it. “

– Tami Chin

The singer said while he had envisioned the moment for years, he just could not ‘stand up’ to the task. Chin, however, took the blame, admitting she was an emotional wreck.

“I started to cry…you have to understand, I was in a long-term relationship before that,” she said. “It was like the only relationship I’d been in and even though we were together…I don’t know, there was just something about it that was just a lot and it did ‘tush’ and it was my fault.”

Tami Chin says her relationship with Wayne Marshall is built on years of friendship.

While Chin went home and contemplated their compatibility, Marshall was anticipating a second chance.

“One a di time mi a seh, ‘Yow, Jah know, weh mi fi do? Buy two Magnum? Find da something deh weh dem call chiney brush? Mi fi tek half a Viagra?'”

He opted to trust nature, and made a homerun on the second go. But this ‘Tami and Wayne’ story didn’t start in the bedroom.

They first exchanged words at Vendetta Studio in Kingston 18 years ago, but were both in relationships at the time. Curious to know the “hot tamale”, Marshall suggested they collaborate artistically, which resulted in her starring in his music video for the song ‘Arguing’, and their single, ‘Why’. Shortly after, the two were booked together for a school tour where sparks flew.

Wayne Marshall said he watched Tami ‘mother’ his son from a previous relationship and started to see their future together.

“We did realise that we had some kind of chemistry,” said Chin. “We were both in relationships at the time so we were both enjoying the friendship part of it.”

They kept in touch after the tour ended, and even went on a double-date with their respective partners. After those relationships ended, it was time for Marshall and Chin to face the music.

“It came to a point where we started to really like each other,” said Chin. “We were on the phone a little bit more, just getting to know each other and that’s why I always say our relationship is really built on friendship because we were talking for years and getting to know each other.”

With the approval of everyone, from director Jay Will to Alliance boss, Bounty Killer, Marshall went all in and they moved in together. He also had a child from a previous relationship and said Chin proved to be a good maternal figure.

“When Regina was away, I had Geo and she (Chin) became the mother so mi get fi see how she was as a mother with Geo who wasn’t even her biological son,” he said. “So right then and there, family… I’m seeing everything, I’m seeing the kids, I’m seeing the house, I’m seeing the picket fence, fast forward to right now…”

After being together for three years, he popped the question. It wasn’t a total surprise as the couple had plans to get married and even went to the jeweller together to have their rings made.

Three kids later, the couple will mark their 11th wedding anniversary in September.