Wayne Marshall, Badda General, and ZJ Liquid release song about viral police shooting

Wayne Marshall

The video of Jamaican police and gunmen exchanging gunshots in peak traffic in Kingston on Monday afternoon sparked terror in the hearts of those who watched it.

But for others, it got their creative juices flowing.

Dancehall singjay Wayne Marshall, ZJ Liquid, and Badda General quickly put pen to paper to release the satirical track- Current Event JA.

Leave it to Jamaican to find humour in the gravest situations right BUZZ Fam?

The track sees the trio expressing concern for each other after seeing the video online, and sharing their opinion on what’s happening in Jamaica.

“Yow Dawg mi just see a video/ And right after dat mi start meds yuh,” Badda General starts the track.

DJ Liquid responds; “Mi good bredda, mi neva touch the road/ And anytime mi touch di road/Yuh know mi know di code.”

Meanwhile, Wayne Marshall said what everyone was thinking when he reposted the track to his Instagram.

“In the latest episode of “Jamaica nuh real”. We have to take serious tings and find the laugh 🤣.”