We have a winner! Kes and Iwer George release hot soca song

Carnival season is heating up, and all the big names are releasing songs to see who is going to rule road march this year.

Kes is known for releasing very soothing soca songs.

Soca stars Kes and Iwer George are sure to be strong contenders this year after they dropped Stage Gone Bad on Thursday.

Within hours after hitting YouTube, soca fans began saying that it is sure to be the top song for the season. And many persons have also taken to social media to express their love for the track.

“So Kes and Iwer George come out with a tune. And it’s a road march contender. What other surprises you have for us Jesus?,” one social media user said.

Iwer George is quite the powerhouse, and he made it known on Stage Gone Bad.

Another user declared: “Stop the presses. We have the Road March 2020 winner.”

There were also some persons who thought Stage Gone Bad was a better song than Conch Shell, a song Iwer George did with Machel Montano and Skinny Fabulous.

“Iwer making shi**y Conch Shell with Machel knowing he have a banger with Kes coming out,” one person said.

Well, BUZZ fam, all we know is that this year’s carnival season gonna be lit! What do you think?