We like our Koffee hot! Singer promises more hits

Award-winning reggae star Koffee seems to have a lot up her sleeves, it kinda sounds like she will be giving us more hit tracks in the near future.


Koffee was vibing in a recording session with Andron ‘IzyBeats’ Cross recently when he said: “Tell them say you have some hits on the way.”

She responded: “Yow, a wap’m to dem Izy?”

The two then laughed almost uncontrollably.

Laughter aside, we don’t believe she is joking around.

And very soon we might her Cross’ signature ‘Yow Izy, are you kidding me?’ at the beginning of one of her tracks.

We’re definitely here for it since Cross was the producer for Koffee’s hit, Toast, that was part of her Grammy-winning Rapture EP.

Cross was also responsible for Koffee’s W that featured Atlanta rapper Gunna.

The producer was also worked on Lila Iké’s I Spy and Silver Tongue Devil by Masego and Shenseea.

Meanwhile, Koffee, who is an ambassador for Mastercard, is still promoting the Pressure Remix with reggae star Buju Banton. The song has been viewed more than three million times on YouTube.