We love it! Fans happy to see Spice’s natural hair

Dancehall artiste Spice certainly showed fans a different side recently when she ditched her wigs and showed off her natural hair.


The entertainer often wears her ‘inches’, but that’s not because she is baldheaded.

In a recent Instagram post, she showed off her natural hair while it was being blow-dried.

In the video, she shouts: “Too hot! Too hot man! Murderrrrr.” “Under fire,” added the person who was blow-drying the hair.

“Best caption wins,” wrote the Faces and Laces owner.

While some people used their creativity in the comments, most people were surprised that Spice had hair… and a lot of it.

“First time seeing ur hair… Its Beautiful 😍. Rock some natural hair for us Queen,” one person commented.

“A first mi a see yuh hair loveee it!! 😍😍Watchhh nice hair,” another added.

Another person joined in, commenting: “Spice how me neva know a suh much hair yuh have muma.”

Fellow entertainer Jada Kingdom, who proudly sports her bald head, shared that she understood Spice’s pain.

“Den nuh mi disya! das why mi trim and neva look back a r**se! yu muss bbc mad,” she said with a few laughing emojis.