‘We nuh care’– online comedians respond to backlash for deaf skit

A group of Jamaican comedians aren’t concerned about being cancelled, and have responded brazenly to criticism they have been receiving for a viral skit which many consider to be mocked deaf people. As one of the actors in the skit, World Dawg, put it, “We nuh care.”

The online personality recently took to Instagram Live to address the backlash, alongside comedians Deno Crazy, Swiiss Lee and others who participated in the video. 

“Mi nuh waan dem feel like we too care too enuh bro cause mi nuh care,” said Swiiss Lee. “From mi seh to Father God, ‘Forgive me fi weh mi do yesterday’, mi nuh care… We nah seh we right fi do it, but memba we tek bad things and turn it inna joke fi mek people laugh.”

World Dawg chimed in by sharing that he has a sister who suffers from a disability and she found their video funny. 

“My sister a handicap and sometimes mi walk like handicap… Mi sister a handicap and she have Instagram too and laugh about it and talk about it,” he said.

He argued that people are being hypocritical in their disapproval of the video, as similar jokes made by American comedians would have been praised. Swiiss Lee intercepted by comparing the content to the impersonations done on the Ity and Fancy Cat Show which he said are generally accepted as funny.

The men continued to mimic deaf people throughout the Live and the video’s ringleader, Deno Crazy, joined in.

“We nah seh we right fi do weh we do but people a mek it seem like we do this everyday,” he said. “Unno too sensitive…it’s comedy. Why unno nuh bash it when we a act like we a mad man? Unno laugh don’t? A di same thing. And how much movie unno watch wid a man a act like him disabled? Go bash that too… If we did a gi weh money fi unno act like unno blind, deaf and dumb you guys would be doing that.”

Among those who found the video insensitive is Jamaican sign language interpreter and advocate for the disabled community Antoinette Aiken, who took to Twitter to express her disgust.

“Deno did a video that should not be endorsed or laughed about, he mocked an entire community the #Deaf community,” she said. “Have we not passed the stage of creating jokes about this community and jamaican sign language,  that has been oppressed for many years. It’s #Deaf not #Dumb.”

Deno ended the Live session by saying “People ago tired fi see we face.” This, as the party completes filming for a reality show which will air this summer.