Weh sleep a guh? Juliet Holness bats for PM’s ‘sexy and firm body’

Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Member of Parliament (and wife) Juliet Holness during her swearing-in ceremony at Gordon House in 2016 (Photo: Jamaica Information Service)

Well…who said politics nuh nice?

Pack it up People’s National Party (PNP), cuz di dance look like it dun.

Member of Parliament for East Rural St. Andrew and crowned Brogaddess Juliet Holness made her own headlines this weekend, after firing several verbal shots at Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips.

Mrs. Holness, who was speaking at a Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) constituency conference on Sunday, blasted the Phillips-led PNP for not being in tune with the needs of the country at this time.

The conference erupted into screams as Andrew Holness’ physical prowess and youthful passion got the spotlight – and who better to speak on this than the Most Honourable Brogad’s wife herself!

Uhm… *cues the drama*

“We lucky we have a young Prime Minister. We have a Prime Minister whose body tight and firm! A Prime Minister who sexy cyah dun!” Mrs. Holness exclaimed.

It must be sad to live in denial valley, but I? am ? LIVING ? for all the drama.

What shade? Dahlin’, this is the whole forest!!

The Holnesses smooch for the camera (Photo: Vision Newspaper, Canada)

Amidst the cheers from the crowd, the JLP Leader received even more praise from his wife, who declared Holness is Jamaica’s best bet for continued growth and development – having been blessed with just the right balance of intellect and appeal.

“We have a Prime Minister who can run fi di whole day, with probably just four hours of sleep. Him nuh sleepy-sleepy none at all! Straight work!”

Di dance nice! *sips tea*

Yes Juliet!

“Our young people understand what they’re looking for. They realise they have a team that is younger, intellectually strong, creative, healthy [and] ready to serve this country for another term – and a term after that. And a term after that,” she contended.

The momentum still chugs for the Andrew Holness-led JLP, as he was designated Most Honourable Brogad last weekend by Jamaicans on Twitter.

Holness, for a slight moment on Friday, even changed his Twitter name to the moniker and sent local social media circles in a mad frenzy.

Photo: Twitter @AndrewHolnessJM