WFH??? Jamaicans react to Gov’t lifting work-from-home order

The days of getting up and going to work in your pajamas, not having to deal with difficult coworkers, traffic and horrible canteen food are coming to an end.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has lifted the stay at home order that the government implemented on March 16 to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Now that the order has been lifted its up to your employer’s discretion as to whether or not you’ll be asked to come into the office.

The Prime Minister is basing this measure on the notion that Jamaica will just have to learn to live with the coronavirus. Plus, the country has attained two days without any new coronavirus infections, and has achieved a flattening of the curve.

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness

As per usual, Twitter Land was ablaze with opinion on the government’s latest move.

Here are some of our pickings BUZZ Fam.

Are you ready to go back to work BUZZ Fam?