What a vibe? Viewers believe Konshens’ music video is glorifying human trafficking

Jamaican entertainer Konshens

Dancehall artiste Konshens might have some explaining to do with the provoking message in his What A Vibe official music video.

The video accompanies a song that is encouraging women to dance and enjoy themselves, but the triggering delivery of the video’s storyline is causing a problem for viewers.

“I don’t condone violence against women.”

— YouTube user

According to viewers, the four-minute video, which was released on December 13, is glorifying the dangerous and deadly act of human trafficking.

“The video is disturbing. Here u have a song making u want to get with a woman and bruk out. And in the background u see subliminal scenes of kidnapping torture and then death of a female. Yeah, nah go rate deh vid yah at all. I don’t condone violence against women, especially in a song with sexual undertones,” Michael Martin expressed.

Another viewer commented: “Take this video down!! Or re-do the video. It’s a bad representation of black women. Especially with all the REAL kidnappings of black women going on.”

Another aspect to the Warrior Films-directed video that got a reaction from the more 460,000 viewers was a female being shot in the head.

“Why portray violence…. there was no need for a headshot for that girl in the video….  ya’ll always ruin a good thing,” someone mentioned.

Despite the backlash, Konshens is seemingly quiet on the matter.