What can’t he do? Usain Bolt shows acting skills in Xoom ad

Retired sprint star Usain Bolt has been making waves with a number of projects under his belt.

One of his latest efforts is being an ambassador for Xoom money services, a subsidiary of global payment service PayPal, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.

Bolt recently shared the advertisement for the company in which he played the role of an intern at PayPal, and on his first day, he managed to come up with the concept for Xoom, highlighting that the platform would provide fast international money transfers.

The advertisement, while really humourous, was quite informative as it provided potential clients with advice on what Xoom has to offer.

Bolt has been an ambassador for the entity since 2018. 

This is just another venture under Bolt’s belt, as he recently recorded a soca track. This followed his release of two dancehall rhythms last year.