‘What happen to my Ghost fans?’: Singer wants more streams for his music

He’s one of Jamaica’s most celebrated singers, but Ghost isn’t seeing the fruits of his labour lately.


The artiste has been promoting new music like Will You Still Love Me, and is puzzled as to why his streaming figures aren’t as high as some of his peers.

Addressing his Instagram family recently, the singer questioned why his content wasn’t being supported by his 12,500 followers.

“Me a wonder if all di people who deh pon my platform if they are really my fans because fi some reason over the years putting out my music for unno guys to support me – I don’t know probably me nah sing di right songs dem – but every song mi put out unno claim to love it…yet I still can never move certain unit when it come on to the business,” he said. “What happen to my Ghost fans? I don’t have any Ghost fans?… So what’s gonna happen to my new album? You guys don’t wish to see me sell gold or platinum? So you’re not going to support me?”

Active on social media

The artiste, who has kept a low profile for many years, has been sharing more of his life on social media since quarantine, inviting fans into his home as he cooks, does yard work, or other activities he takes on for the day. Ghost said artistes who are less engaging are getting more views.

“I’m just wondering how this social media work,” he said. “Me is a man see some man put up something, and it gone over a million views or two or 10 million or up, I don’t know. And me can deh yah so a talk, and dem don’t even talk dem just put up a pic and it gone how much ‘teen million. And me deh here, mi woulda talk and me woulda sing and mi would gwaan wid bare sinting fi unno and mi nuh know a wah gwaan, a wah gwaan? How it cya reach two million or three or 10? No sah, something wrong wid me yaa man or something’s wrong wid unno mi fans.”

He added: “Go out go support di ting and buy di ting and share di ting so di ting can get whole heap a views like weh Drake dem used to,” he said. “We nah watch dem enuh, but I’m just saying. Why fi we views dem cya turn up so?… A di people dem who support di artist and whosoever claim seh dem love me I guess they’re not supporting me the right way or dem nah see mi tings di right way inna dem face.”

Ghost serenading a female at Tarrus Riley’s concert last year.

Grateful for support

Ghost associated this with the battles artistes endure in the music industry, and claimed gatekeepers make it harder for good music to be heard.

“When mi a sing music from long time I never go to no radio jockey or selector, mi just go inna di dance and see di people a fulljoy my music, so you know I never go pay no man no money to do anything…nowadays it’s a different scenario,” he said.

“But I don’t really have a problem fi give a man my money fi play my music as long as him a do it di right way…not just when him feel like play it cause him see me.”

Despite his dilemma, he thanked his fans for supporting him throughout the years.

“All praises to the Most High for unno even though unno nuh support di ting 100 per cent, but anytime unno see one stage show if it deh inna unno community unno come hold a vibes and give mi di love… Thanks for that; that you guys have mi in your heart like that, check for me like that. That’s good,” he said.

Ghost is known for his covers of songs like Air Supply’s Making Love Out Of Nothing At All and Cher’s Believe.