What the hell?! Curvy Diva shocked after man masturbates on her IG Live

Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett got the shock of her life recently when a man decided to masturbate on screen after he was allowed to join her on Instagram Live.

Yanique Curvy Diva posing in white underwear

During the session earlier this week, the Jamaican entertainer was discussing a topic. When she looked down on her screen, she realised that the male was masturbating in full view of everyone who was watching.

“Stop it,” she shouted when she saw the man. “Jesas christ. Stop it… Weh di X deh? It nah come up,” she continued. She quickly got up from her seat after struggling to remove the man from the screen.

Yanique later shared the video on her Instagram feed, covering the man and his member with an emoji.

“Yeah man mi love chat and nah pay attention,” she captioned the video. “The whole time the man a back him 🤛🏽 😩 not to mention #theinternet decide fi freeze right pan the 🍆 🙄 swear mi never have a calm and decent live yet #tekwehmiself #shame.”

While many of the viewers simply described the man as a pervert, others laughed at Yanique’s reaction to the man’s actions.

“Lol no sah welcome to curvy hub,” one social media user said.

“Listen me watch this like ten times and it kills everytime,” another added.

One person joined the conversation, saying: “The reaction is priceless!!!!! Hilarious.”