What to expect from Tech in 2020

2019 is over. Last year brought us the Samsung Galaxy S10/Note 10 phones, the iPhone 11 series, a new, 16-inch MacBook, tech scandals and leaks among many other things. 2020 is here, and the tech space will heat up as the year progresses. Here’s a look at what we can expect from tech this year.

Samsung S11 render. (Image: @OnLeaks)

Samsung Galaxy S11

The Galaxy S line is a strong champion of the Android space. The Samsung Galaxy S10 series was generally well-received with its excellent screens, excellent battery life, Samsung One U.I. and of course, no notch. Rumours suggest that Samsung will make the S11 line-up even bigger and better.

The Galaxy S11 will come in three variants with larger screens, more cameras and bigger batteries in comparison to the S10 from last year. Also, each phone should have 5G modems. There are even rumours that hint to Samsung changing the naming scheme altogether and releasing S20 devices. The new Samsung Galaxy S devices should be announced and released in February or March.

More Wi-Fi 6 Tech

Wi-Fi 6 represents the most significant jump in wireless internet technology in years. The world is filling up with more and more internet-dependent devices. Wi-Fi 6 was designed to address the growing need for extra bandwidth to serve the plethora of machines.

Wi-Fi 6 routers came out in as far back as 2018. However, 2020 will see more devices released that support the standard. The iPhone 11 and Galaxy S/Note 10 series support Wi-Fi 6. Manufacturers will most likely capitalise on this tech and release their devices capable of accessing the blazing max speeds and capacity that Wi-Fi 6 supports.

iPhone 11S/12

The Apple iPhone is the mother of all modern smartphones. Each year the Cupertino company releases hotly anticipated devices much to the delight of Apple fans.

This year’s smartphone is rumoured to be vastly different from the now aged, notch design with FaceID. Hopefully, they will have bigger screens and batteries.

More 5G

Tired of slow mobile internet connections? 5G is the latest technology to bring lightning-fast connection speeds and low latency. 5G will revolutionise the industry with virtually instant links for a myriad of devices, including smart cars and smart home products.

Carriers in the U.S. have already rolled out 5G networks. However, the blazing-fast millimetre wave technology still needs more deployment to serve customers adequately. Caribbean systems are sure to deploy the tech soon. 2020 should see the technology mature.

Xbox Series X. (Photo: Microsoft)

PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X

Get ready gamers. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles will be released during the holiday season (November – December) 2020. The machines promise 4K gaming at 60 fps, better performance, improved graphics with more complex textures, HDR and even hardware accelerated sound.

The current-gen race is all but over with Sony riding high on sales. However, Microsoft is ready for the next-gen wars with a P.C. like Xbox Series X console rumoured to be the more potent upcoming console.

More Streaming, Fewer Cords

As the streaming wars heat up, more people will go with one of the big streaming names instead of cable.  Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ are compelling, content dense platforms available for much less than many cable packages. More users might opt for a good internet connection and a subscription or ten instead of cable.