Wheeewww! Shenseea returns to IG, and her fans are happy

Many of Shenseea’s fans can sleep well tonight after the Jamaican entertainer resurfaced on Instagram on today, December 5.


Before today, the Blessed artiste’s last Instagram post was on November 23 when she shared that she would be launching a lash collection.

After that, she was nowhere on Instagram. Her ‘ShengYengs’ were so concerned that they even commented on Romeich Major’s posts hoping that the artiste manager could provide some answers.

But when Shenseea returned to Instagram in a pink jumpsuit, all was well with the world again.

“Thought 💭 you gave up on us,” one person commented.

Shenseea replied: “On MY #ShenYengz? NEVEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!”

Many of her fans said that they were getting concerned about her because she wasn’t posting as frequently as they are accustomed to. Nonetheless, they were happy she is doing well.

“Omg ur back😩😩😩 girl uh have we a stress 🤦‍♀‍ but yah love you,” one social media user said.

“Mi search u wall all day everyday and no post from me wife 🥺😭😭😭 yow me stress out fix that fimi bbz,” another added.

Shenseea was also warned that she should not disappear like that in the future.

“And she’s back 😭❤ nuh do mi Suh again,” one person said.