Where they at… No more ‘jerkin’ for New Boyz

New Boyz was all the rave at the start of the decade. (Photo: fanart.tv)

OK, BUZZ fam. We’re about to bring you way back to simpler times, when skinny jeans just came on the scene, neon colours were the trend, and if you didn’t have an oversized snapback on, you were a ‘lame’.

Yeah, that’s right. We’re throwing it all the way back to the beginning of the decade, when artistes were coming out with hit after hit and dance moves were in abundance. We’re talking about ‘Gangnam Style’, ‘Harlem Shake’ and the infamous ‘Jerkin’. Former hip hop group New Boyz were fresh on the scene, and they had everybody “jerkin”.

Man, back then, all you needed to do to be considered a dancer was the ‘pin drop’. INSTANT RATINGS!

But for real though BUZZ fam, what happened to New Boyz?

At one point there were rumours that Ben J was shot and killed, and then it was said that Legacy died. Soon after that, we heard that they both died. It was a mess!

So, we’re gonna set the record straight.

New Boyz had the hip hop game wrapped around their finger in the beginning of the decade with their smash hit You’re A Jerk from their debut album Skinny Jeans And A Mic. They were all the rave in the US, and it didn’t take long for the rest of the world to catch on. They followed with Tie Me Down, a collab with Ray J, dismissing the idea of the duo being a one-hit-wonder.

Skinny Jeanz And A Mic was a major album for New Boyz.

Now, their second album was released in 2011 and was dubbed Too Cool To Care. And to be honest, they couldn’t have found a better name for themselves because to be quite frank, they were exactly that. They were charting on Billboard and doing songs with big names Charlie Wilson, Big Sean and even Chris Brown.

But after that… they just faded into the background.

Hip hop ushered in a new era, and it seems as if they were simultaneously ushered out.

It was announced that they were trying to make a come back and that they were releasing a third album, but that didn’t happen. Eventually, they went their separate ways.

So, where are they now? 

Ben J had a near-death experience some years ago.

Well, contrary to a lot of tabloids, blogs and fake news, they did not die. However, the closest thing to that rumour was that Ben J did encounter a near-death experience, as he was almost killed in a drug deal gone bad.

That, however, didn’t stop Ben J from continuing to pursue a solo career. His latest single is called Juice Juice, and it can be streamed on Soundcloud. He can also be found on Instagram @benjofnewboyz.

But what about Legacy?


Like Ben J, Legacy is still doing music.

Our homie, Legacy, is also doing music. He has recent releases like Area 51 and Lately featuring Doja Cat. Both songs can be found on Soundcloud. You can also catch up with Legacy on Instagram @domdolo.