‘White Chocolate’ under fire after saying he ‘paved the way’ for black dancers

Dancer and social media influencer Josh ‘White Chocolate’ Butler has come under fire after comments he made in a recent interview went viral.

Josh ‘White Chocolate’ Butler

In the Black Lives Matter focused roundtable, Butler said he helped to “brand” wining made it into “something that can be a profession.”

For reference, Butler was born in the United Kingdom and moved to St Lucia where his ability to dance gained attention for disrupting the stereotype that white man can’t ‘wine’.

‘White Chocolate’ has since travelled the region as an influencer and avid Carnival-goer.

However, his remarks in the interview have quickly seen him fall from grace with Caribbean nationals, particularly St Lucians, who had previously embraced him.

Noting that there were people before him, Butler said “in a way I have been paving the way for black people to come after me”.

“Man went to the Islands for a couple years, put 758 in his name and now all of a sudden he paved the way for black people lmfaooooooo.” 

– Social media user

The reactions from the black panellists were immediate, with a man looking off to the camera with a quizzical look a black woman commented that he should ‘stop’.

Their responses reflected those of social media users who would soon let their voices be heard on his Instagram apology post.

He said, “When I said ‘pave the way’ I didn’t mean pave the way for other people to whine, what I meant was that in a way I’m creating opportunities, or at least trying to, for others to do what I do..

In my experience I’ve found that influencers aren’t as common in the Caribbean…And in turn a lot of brands don’t see the benefits of promoting your brand through someone that has a large social media following.”

He continued, “It has never been my intention to take Caribbean culture out of context and claim it to be my own or to have been the first to do anything. And anywhere I go or anyone that I speak to always give credit where credit is due.”

However, the comments under the post were less than forgiving.

One user said, “Instead of going on TV to market how Lucians welcomed you and made you evolve into an influencer. You took this time to make yourself look like you did this all on your own and that’s a slap in the face to all people who supported you in SLU.”

Another said, “As a white man raised in Lucian culture u should never do what you have done! Profited from a culture that is not your own with your 2 years!”

A third added, “I don’t know what this is but it’s not an apology. Also, chage your name. Not just the 758. “White Chocolate”? Really?”

Another simply said, “You’re still uninvited boo”, with a kiss emoji for good measure.

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