Who has Sanchez’s page?

Mr Sanchez, is that you?

Reggae crooner Sanchez has been popping up in some of the most unlikely places online.

That is the question several female social media influencers are asking in light of his heavy online presence on pages you’d least expect him to be.

Now, let’s not get the lines blurred. This is in no way suggesting or declaring that a seasoned, vocal reggae icon if you may, has no place on social media. It is, however, the stark paradox of Sanchez’s musical persona compared to the content he follows which raises eyebrows.

Let’s paint this canvas.

Sanchez is the beloved crooner who delivers at every show, making his appearance in unwrinkled, fitted suits and a fedora if he’s feeling fancy. His gentleman image pairs well with that velvety voice responsible for his hitsville catalogue, boasting tunes like Frenzy, Never Dis Di Man and covers like Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone and Missing You.

Though he rose to prominence from the Park Lane, St Andrew, community in the late 80s, he has achieved what many of his contemporaries have not, remaining a sought-after act at reggae festivals across the world.

But the esteemed performer also carries an air of mysticism, avoiding interviews for most of his career and staying out of controversy. That aura of mystique heightens when his social media handle pops up on live videos hosted by embattled social media personality Ivany Wright, or most recently influencer Polly Kinz.

Kinz, a party promoter for the recently staged BUZZ, was in a salon with fellow promoters/dancers TC and Pretty Pretty when Sanchez entered the comments. The ladies, who were up to their usual comedic antics, did not let it go unnoticed.

Bere Hammond posing in studio
Some social media users feel Sanchez should stay in the lane of his contemporaries such as Beres Hammond.

“Who have Sanchez page?” Kinz asked. “Blessings Sanchez, blessings to the most high and I, respect,” she continued, no doubt in reference to his virtuous image.

Pretty Pretty added, “Sanchez come on pon di live dem like a young boy.”

Kinz chimed in, “Sanchez a live him best life… Sanchez deh pon di whole a di young gal dem live and specifically the good pu**y one dem.”

There was one viewer who even posited, “I don’t know why him nuh go par wid Beres and Tarrus Riley.”

The singer, who ‘laughed out loud’ in the comments, defended his presence.

“Don’t need to par wid dem,” he responded to the user.

For Kinz and Pretty Pretty, he assured, “Nobody can’t have my page…mi nuh anti-social.”

Just last month he was also summoned by social media users who found it hard to believe that he was on dancer Dyema Attitude’s Instagramlive, especially because that particular video saw her tearing Papine artiste Intence to shreds.

A video, which captured Sanchez’s “Who trouble mumma” comment, made its way to gossip blogs, and fans got to tagging.

“Who hv Sanchez page?” one user asked.

“Nobody but I,” he responded.

“They need to take your phone,” another user said.

While fans continue to express shock that Sanchez gets in on all the national tea, maybe there’s a perfect explanation for it all.

Maybe it’s a good old case of you can’t judge a book by its cover. It could also be a bored entertainer making use of social media during the corona-induced quarantine. Or perhaps, it’s a classic instance of people liking what they like and it being none of our business. In any case, we’re still grooving to his music.