Making Bank: Kylie and Kanye top Celebrity Rich List

Forbes Magazine called her out last week for misleading its team about her true wealth, but today Kylie Jenner has the last laugh as the publication has named her the world’s wealthiest celebrity.

Kylie Jenner topped the celebrity rich list with earnings of US$590 million.

But, to be clear, she’s still not a billionaire. Okay? Good.

The world’s highest paid celebrities earned US$6.1 billion combined, a decline of US$200 million over the previous year.

The decline, the first since 2016, is not surprising given that part of the review period includes the preceding months affected by the coronavirus which “shuttered stadiums and silenced performances”, Forbes said.

Kanye West saw most of his earnings over the year come from his Yeezy sneaker deal with Adidas.

But back to the celebs making mega-millions!

Kylie Jenner, the only woman to grace the list’s top tier, saw her net worth soar with sale of 51 per cent of her Kylie Cosmetics brand in January. The reality star turn business mogul earned US$590 million, beating brother-in-law Kanye West into a distant second with US$170 million. Most of West’s income came from his Yeezy sneaker deal with Adidas, Forbes said.

The top five was completed by tennis star Roger Federer (US$106.5 million) and footballers Cristiano Ronaldo (US$105 million) and Lionel Messi (US$104 million).

Tyler Perry, known for his work in media and entertainment, was the highest-placing black person on the list at sixth with earnings of US$97 million.

Tyler Perry was the highest-ranked black man at sixth with US$97 million, while basketballer LeBron James ranked ninth with US$88.2 million.

Neymar ($95.5M), Howard Stern ($90M) and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ($87.5 M) occupied the number 7, 8 and 10 spots.

Check out the complete list and see if your fave celeb made the cut!