Who’s that girl? Scammer impersonates Lila Ike to sell dubplates

Lila Ike

Reggae singer Lila Ike was the victim of scamming recently and she is understandably upset about it.

The Solitude singer posted a video of someone trying to sing like her for a dubplate. And if the subpar impersonation was not enough to alert fans that this was in fact not Lila Ike, then she needed to.

Lila Ike posted the video of the not yet identified girl singing and in the moment appeared to be amused by it. “A nuh so we kill sound bruh. 😂,” she said.

Lila Ike then pointed fans to the correct channels to go through to get a dubplate from her.

“To get a Lila Ike dubplate send an email to Lilaikemusik@gmail.com or link @dainjamental_dpk !!! ONLY,she said. “Anything else this young lady or anyone else who out deh a do dem sumn ya.”