Messi contract worth US$673-m, most expensive ever by an athlete

We know that Lionel Messi is raking in the millions but his most recent contract proves he’s just hitting his stride.

Barcelona player Lionel Messi (Photo: Forbes)

The Barcelona player reportedly signed a four-year agreement with the football club worth US$673 million!

Signed in 2017, the contract means that Argentine could earn up to US$167 million per season based on his fixed income and other variables. The El Mundo report called the agreement the most expensive ever by an athlete in any sport.

The report also notes that Messi has received about $619 million of the total since signing.

Lionel Messi

Following report, Barcelona said it was not responsible for the unauthorised leak, adding that it will take legal action against the newspaper.

“The club regrets its publication given that it is a private document governed by the principle of confidentiality between the parties,” it said in a statement. “FC Barcelona categorically denies any responsibility for the publication of this document, and will take appropriate legal action against the newspaper El Mundo, for any damage that may be caused as a result of this publication.”

Messi has been with Barcelona for almost two decades, a relationship which was almost severed after news broke that the player was unhappy and looking to leave the club last year.

The request was denied but Messi becomes eligible to leave at the end of the current season.